To provide Erg Chebbi with a unique eco camp.
To provide clients with a desert experience including camel trekking, desert trekking, star gazing, desert music and camping - all in line with ecotourism in a natural environment.
To find a balance between safety, cleanliness and comfort AND ecologically sound principles.
To protect the local environment and improve the quality of life of the local communities, preserve local culture, and promote sustainable economic benefits for the local community including employment and training.
To educate and encourage other camps in the area to move towards an eco-friendly model.
To continually develop our vegetarian and vegan menus

Some of our eco achievements

  1. Use of renewable energy technology – 100% of our electricity and water heating comes from solar panels which use the abundant desert sunshine to best effect.
  2. Water filtration system. We are the 1st camp in the area to deal effectively with our waste water. A simple but ingenious waste water system has been built using natural materials.
  3. Minimal plastic was used on site. We invested heavily in tents which are made of natural fabrics and non-synthetic materials.
  4. Currently no single use plastic is used on site except drinking water bottles.
  5. Water – all water to the camp (except drinking water) is sourced from our own well.
  6. Use of mixer taps.
  7. Dual flush toilets.
  8. All furniture was hand-made by local crafts people.
  9. We are the only Vegan restaurant in the Sahara (vegetarian & vegan meals must be ordered in advance).
  10. We offer dairy free milk alternatives (but not Almond milk as we care about the bees)
  11. Recycling – we reduce, re-use and recycle where ever possible.
  12. Kitchen scraps are used to feed the camels.
  13. Our camels are much loved and belong to a local nomad family who live close to our camp. When they are not providing the treks just for our camp, they are free to roam and graze.
  14. Intelligent irrigation for the garden: well water, drop by drop system and irrigation at the end of the day.
  15. Use of biodegradable cleaning and bathroom products.
  16. All ingredients are locally sourced, seasonal and organic where possible.
  17. Work with staff and local people to educate and inform on environmental issues.
  18. Suggestion cards in your tents for ideas which you might have for further eco initiatives we could implement. The boards and pencils used are made from recycled materials.
  19. We support  Imodda which is an NGO supporting the children of Desert Nomads. We provide an annual drop of school items and clothes. If you have any items which you would like to contribute, please bring them with you when you come to the camp. (School items, gloves and shoes are always welcome).
  20. We organise an annual community litter pick here in Erg Chebbi.
  21. We used many re-claimed materials in the building of the camp.
  22. We use Morocco Gold olive oil. This brand is very eco friendly. Not only is it free from the blight that has devastated large areas of EU producer countries, but this oil is also hand harvested in the day time so protecting the birds which sleep in the trees. In the rest of the world, most olive oil is machine picked at night and is devastating to the bird population
  23. Our hot-water bottles are latex-free and the covers are Oeko-Tex tested to be free of any harmful substances.

Let’s make this very clear – we are not claiming that our camp has no adverse impact on the environment. That would be impossible and the very fact that we have to use fuel hungry 4×4’s to bring people and supplies to the camp each day means that we feel apprehensive to even begin to market ourselves as an eco-camp. However, we have made a huge step forward in terms of environmentally aware practices and are more than happy to shout that from the rooftops if it helps to raise awareness in the desert area and in Morocco in general.
Tourism has an impact on the environment in every conceivable way and we are just trying to reduce that impact right here, right now in our spiritual home – The Sahara Desert.

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