Imagine The Desert

During my first trip to Morocco, I saw the Sahara Desert that I had been lucid-dreaming about so many times. During the second time, I went to Tiziri Camp and experienced something I never imagined.

You know how we fantasize while watching movies, cartoons, or simply when we see pictures of the Sahara Desert on a poster or advertising?

We think of ourselves on camels, feel the heat of the sun and see it creating mirages around us.

desert views from tiziri camp

As we are all one with our earth, we – as humans – are all one too. So I know that this is a common vision we’ve all had.

I also know that everyone visiting the desert felt that same snap. Realised how strong and magnetic is this connection with the planet that we’re able to feel in that precise moment.

There – where we can see almost nothing but the sky, the horizon and the outline of the dunes –  we get to feel inside our bones that we’re a little particle of a greater life force such as each sand grain is in the big Sahara Desert.

Feel The Desert

We get to feel and understand the meaning of being present, grounded and grateful without any effort.

That feeling is everything, it is still the most fulfilling sensation I can vividly remember.

When I was on a dune for the first time in my life, I knew I would be back there.

In one night only, the desert gave me so much strength and clarity and I never felt so confident with my next steps. I moved to Morocco and started building a life from scratch, but somehow the sensation of connection and clarity got fogged up by some curve balls that life managed to throw at me.

However, the closeness to the desert always nudged my instinct and tickled my intuition by pulling me closer in its own way.

Little Price Tiziri Camp

I have a special bond with Tiziri Camp: the opportunity to be included in the creative process of the creation of such a special place is another thing I could have never even imagined in the life I was leading before the desert.

How could I think to be so lucky to meet people who – by having the same feeling  – would include me in such a special task.

So it begins, and by following the main concepts provided, I worked with them to create the interior design concept boards to guide the realisation of the main tents.

Conscious Concepts

What are these main concepts?

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Sourcing of locally produced artisanal elements
  • Kindling Amazigh culture (commonly known as Berber)
  • Contributing to the Conscious Tourism Movement

After 4 years of life spent in Marrakech, I did witness the worrying consequence of fast, unconscious tourism every day – and suffered – feeling impotent.

Many people live off tourism here, most of these people unconsciously exploit and ruin the resources without any consideration for the environment. People struggle to make ends meet and how can we expect better than this if, those who have the opportunity, don’t do something about it by being an example to follow?

Tiziri: THE Desert Camp

You can imagine now, how I might have felt when I first stepped into Tiziri Camp. It was my second time in the desert at that point, 5 years later after my first visit.

When I saw the shiny moon hanging by the entrance gate and stepped inside the camp area it felt like a fairy had waved her magic wand and made the dream of many come true.

entrymoonarch Tiziri
Tiziri Camp Entrance

Tea and pastries served on delightfully composed layered trays…my first experience definitely wasn’t this fancy and let me tell you one thing: It’s dangerously easy to get accustomed to it!

It was almost sunset when I went straight into my tent. The beautifully styled bedroom welcomed me in all its cosiness: mellow lights projected beautiful geometrical motifs on the interiors of the tent, soft carpets, blankets and towels.

bedroom tiziri camp

A lovely sitting corner with dried fruits and water for the occasional emergency snacking and…an en-suite bathroom with all comforts such as double headed shower, flushing toilet, big mirrors and a beautiful hand-painted ceramic sink.

You might think “well, yes, that’s what most of the luxury camps in the Sahara offer”.

Yes, indeed. But what about the HOW?

Living the Sahara

Mellow lights are powered by solar panels. Fabrics are natural cotton and wool. Carpets are locally sourced and all the furniture is hand-made. The en-suite bathroom’s water goes through a natural filtration system which reuses the water for the trees surrounding the camp and the products used in the tents are sustainable.


camp at night Tiziri CAmp

Plastic water bottles are disposed of by taking them regularly to Casablanca or by donating them to an association that recycles them for projects.

Food scraps from the restaurant are saved for the camels of the camp : )

Living this experience guilt-free and still having the chance to appreciate luxury in its every form made me enjoy it all even more

Restaurant candles Tiziri camp

After a little rest, I went to the restaurant walking in the dark and between the reassuring lanterns.

The charming and warm atmosphere of this tent seduced me with its lit candles and tables set for dinner time…I never thought I would enjoy such a treat.

Night Camp Tiziri

Enjoying The Desert

At that moment I felt a sense of guilt again for the huge privilege I was having in being there, but I sent it back by thinking that this is the kind of place that will inspire the landscape of conscious tourism in Morocco and that luxury is a word that is changing its meaning in these last years.

After dinner time, we got the cherry on the top.

The owner of Tiziri Camp doesn’t choose its staff only based on their hospitality skills…but also on their musical talent!

musicians Tiziri Camp
A well assorted team ready to jam!

I witnessed an open-air, private concert in front of a crackling fire, under thousands of stars.

Drums were leading the pulse of my heart. That’s when I felt that grounded connection again. My feet in the sand, the darkness around, and the light of the stars and the fire to comfort me.

Camp Fire at Tiziri Camp
Hands that work the drum’s skin on the bonfire

Describing experiences is the hardest thing to do, I would love to pass on so much more of my experience.

Crossing fingers, this will be the start of something much bigger. Tiziri Camp is the first Eco Camp in Merzouga and aims to continuously improve its efforts.

By choosing consciously, we’re having a positive impact on the environment.

Remembering the Desert

It was only two nights, but again, in such a short time I got so much to take back.

The night of the first day, it rained a little and I witnessed the rain in the Sahara desert.

In the morning the sand was all dotted by the raindrops, all the different textures the sand can become.

Little bugs coming out of the holes they dug to get shelter from the rain and the birds.

The outline of camels, on some dunes far away, the distorted perception of distances and size.

I had the time to go for a walk by myself, climb on a high dune and enjoy the sunset.

I felt a little lonely at that moment, but so powerful and supported.

Wet sand | Tiziri camp

I feel grateful.

Burcin Yetim