Can I bring my luggage?

Yes, your luggage will be transported to the camp in our vehicle.

What clothes / shoes do I need?

Dependant on the season you may be hot or cold and therefore we suggest that you bring a variety of clothes and layers. Soft shoes or flip-flops will be fine in the summer and bring warm socks in the winter.

Are the tents private?

Yes, just for you. We have single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy tents. The number of beds you require in your tent will be discussed before you book. All linen, blankets and towels are provided.

If you are 4 adults it is advisable to book 2 tents as 1 might feel a bit squished.

Is there a bathroom?

Each tent has its own private en-suite shower area with vanity unit and toilet. We also provide toiletries and towels.

What will the weather be like?

The camp is open every month. The weather is as unpredictable in Morocco as everywhere else these days but generally speaking the weather is most pleasant between Feb to June and September to November. November is rainy season although rain is rare here and in December and January the night time temperatures can drop very low but the days still enjoy plenty of sunshine.

We can’t make any guarantees but it is not unheard of to drop below zero at night and can reach well into the 40’s in the day in the most extreme months of July / August.

Will I have a phone connection?

Yes, it is possible to pick up a connection through the phone networks (if you have a local sim) or through 4G.

How will I charge my phone / camera?

There is a phone charging point in each tent and in the restaurant there are electric sockets available for your use.

How will I get to the desert to start my trek?

See our “How to get here” page.

How long is the camel trek?

The camel trek is around 2 hours with a stop to watch the sunset from the high dunes.

We can make the trek shorter and collect you part way to finish in the 4WD, but be aware that this means that you will not be trekking in such a remote area.

Will meals be provided?

Yes, our camp chef will provide breakfast and dinner for overnight guests and for those staying longer, lunch can also be provided as well as snacks and tea as required. One free bottle of water will be provided and more are available to purchase.

Availability and dates

Contact us for availability

Should I tip the staff?

Tipping is not compulsory but Morocco does have a tipping culture. We don’t want you to feel under any obligation to tip but should you feel that the staff are particularly deserving then €20 per couple per day would be a fair guideline.

However, any amount will be very welcomed by the staff and there is a tip box in the restaurant tent.

What is included / excluded from the price?

Included : If you have booked direct through our website, your overnight desert camp experience is provided on a half-board basis.  Snacks and tea on arrival, a four course meal at dinner time and a breakfast with tea and coffee, drinking water. Your sunset camel trek on arrival and 4WD exit transfer on departure are also included.

Excluded: Drinks (including soft), Sunrise Camel Trek, extra 4×4 transport, any other extras.

If you have booked through another site such as check very carefully to understand the inclusions / exclusions as they may be different to above

Will there be sandstorms?

There could be and they are more likely between February and April but they rarely last for more than a couple of hours. We will immediately take cover in the cosy restaurant tent which features a lounge area too. Here we will shelter away from it until it has passed. It is not pleasant being caught in a sandstorm but it is an intrinsic part of desert life and the calm after the storm is wonderful.

What do we do with our litter?

We abide by a “leave no trace” policy and therefore we ask you to bag up and take all of your non-biodegradable litter with you.

Is Morocco Safe?

Morocco is considered to be the most stable country in North Africa. For an in-depth blog check this out and this link lists the safety of 160 countries worldwide giving Morocco a score of 54 points (with Iceland at number 1 on 95 points and Syria at number 159 with 10 points.

Generally speaking problems are confined to petty crime but we always advise you to check with your local government’s up to date advisories.

Will I need vaccinations for Morocco?

There are currently no official vaccination requirements but we recommend that you ensure you are up to date with hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus, and polio. Malaria prophylaxis is not necessary.

UPDATE: Please ensure that you check all current Covid-19 regulations and restrictions both set by your own country and by Morocco.

Is it suitable for children?

We welcome children and offer a range of discounted prices and high chairs.  Children of all ages love playing in the sand and the staff will spoil them rotten.

Please be aware that  health and safety standards are very different to those in your home country and it is your responsibility to keep little ones safe around the candles and camp fire.

Exclusive Camp Hire

The camp is a perfect venue for exclusive hire for birthday parties, and other celebrations. Speak to us for special pricing and arrangements.

Can I use my hairdryer?

No, sorry.

As an ECO Camp, all our electricity is supplied by solar panels and running hairdryers depletes the power reserves so quickly that we would then run out of electricity.

Is there A.C.?

This might seem like a very strange question in a desert camp, but we have been asked on several occasions so we thought we should make it very clear that there is definitely no air conditioning at the camp.

Are there mosquitoes?

No but occasionally you might see sand flies. they are unusual but if they are likely to bother you, then we suggest bringing some protection and recommend Incognito Spray. It is stronger than any Deet based product yet is certified as 100% natural and completely free of any Deet, Paraban, GMO, SLS’s and are not tested or derived from any animal, which is why the spray is registered with the Vegan society and carries the logo on every bottle.


Can I request a vegetarian / vegan meal?


Please advise us in advance and we would be happy to prepare you a truly tasty and innovative meal in line with your request.

We are proud to be the only vegan restaurant in the Sahara.

We can also cater for Gluten free but not Celiac diets.

Can I buy drinks at the camp?

Yes, we have a small selection for purchase.

Have more Questions?

Just get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!